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The Wide Reach of Depression and How to Fight Back

by Darra McMullen, Writer/Researcher, Women’s Health Network
Author’s Note:  The following article gives an overview of depression, SAD, and anxiety.  Please read the article all the way through to the end to discover some of the latest news and suggestions on how sufferers can add certain lifestyle features to their treatment plan for greater symptom relief.

Dealing Effectively with Diabetes

by Darra McMullen, Women’s Health Network Writer/Researcher

The disease, diabetes, is a scourge proliferating around the world at alarming rates.  The results of diabetes bring blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, weight gain or loss, limb amputation, skin ulcers, constipation, and nausea.

Restaurant Review: America’s Wine Dinner

Dining at America’s River Oaks transforms you into the tastes and feeling of adventure that the original explorers experienced when discovering new worlds.  Contemporary art gives tribute to earthy seeds, beans and corn.  The uniqueness of each fabric light fixture mimics a field of flowers and the smooth dark booths are giant curls carved from blocks of chocolate.  Even the sleek design of the chairs resembles Peruvian llama legs.

Helpful Advice for Breast Cancer Prevention and Screening

by Darra McMullen, Women’s Health Network Writer/Researcher
The subject of breast cancer is so broad that it deserves several in-depth articles covering different aspects of the condition, its prevention, and treatment.  Although such an endeavor is not possible within the confines of this relatively brief web article, some major highlights of breast cancer prevention and screening will be discussed.

Suggested Reading - Four Executives on Succeeding in Business as a Woman

Given that the arguments surrounding work-life balance have been so fully voiced, here is a different track, adding more insights to the discussion of leadership challenges that women face at work, apart from the juggling act.

Read the article here

June Leadership Luncheon

 Challenge Yourself to be a Courageous Leader

Restaurant Review: Peska Seafood Culture

Peska Seafood Culture
Helmed by star Executive Chef Omar Pereney, Peska delivers some of the most unique and delicious seafood dishes in Houston. Fresh, flavorful and well-executed dishes with beautiful presentation are what guests can expect to discover at Peska.
Born in Venezuela, Pereney has been making waves in the culinary world since the age of 12. Now 21 years old, Pereney is a highly recognized chef throughout South America and Mexico. He is one of the youngest chefs in the United States to have reached the position of Executive Chef.
Pereney’s talent is undeniable, and his menu is sure to please the most demanding palette. On my most recent visit to the restaurant, I had the Ceviche Peruano, Lobster Cappuccino, and the brunch pancakes.
The Ceviche Peruano is a colorful combination of textures and flavors, and includes mahi mahi, octopus, yellow peppers, cancha (corn) and sweet potatoes. The contrast of citrus with corn and sweet potato make this one of my favorite ceviche di…

Take Charge of Your Health with Medical Screenings

by Darra McMullen,
GHWCC and Women’s Health Network writer/researcher

With the observance of National Women’s Health Week (May 8th. – 14th.) in our very recent rear view mirror, now is the perfect time to make a personal health plan and implement it into our everyday lives.
During National Women’s Health Week, most of us probably read or heard, in a piecemeal fashion, about various health issues effecting women, but we may not have sat down and tried to coalesce our tidbits of information into a cohesive body of information from which to make a plan of action. Because we at the GHWCC encourage all women to care for their whole selves, the information that follows is intended as a quick checklist of overall health basics to help us focus our attentions on improving overall health – including in areas that we may often gloss over or ignore completely.
To begin, we’ll start with the more commonly discussed issues surrounding women’s health, but we’ll move quickly to areas frequently overlook…

GHWCC Member Restaurant Spotlight: UP Restaurant

UP RESTAURANTAuthentic, high quality, savory American cuisine with a bold Texas twist ABOUT Set in a Highland Village landscape, Up features classic American food with a menu that is planned for the way Houstonians like to eat and drink. The menu stands apart from the trends of the day. Whether one is craving authentic Spanish Paella, USDA steak, or crudo, they will find their favorite version at Up.
Perched three floors up you will be able to enjoy the scenery of downtown Houston or the Galleria. Enjoy the outdoor patio and the wall to wall windows that will be open when weather permits.
IN A NUTSHELL Up is destined to become a Houston staple-your second kitchen. Service is simple- never fussy. Always kind and welcoming, Up is the way dining should be. Authentic, Quality, and Savory American Cuisine with a Bold, Texas Twist! FINE DINING DRESS CODEAfter 5:30PM PRIVATE DININGUp Restaurant has unique private and semi private dining areas that will meet every need.

Cancer Prevention, Gratitude, Optimism, and Food: A Powerful Relationship

by Darra McMullen, Women’s Health Network Member, and GHWCC Writer/Researcher

What common thread(s) could possibly connect subjects as diverse as breast cancer (or any cancer) prevention, traditional winter foods, and attitudes of gratitude and optimism?The answer is “plenty” – plenty of “common thread” connections and plenty of healthful takeaway lessons for us all.
This article could easily be entitled, “Onward from October, Through the Holidays, and Beyond” because of the many dovetailed facts connecting breast cancer (or any cancer) prevention with holiday, or more generally, wintertime food favorites, and the positive mind-set we often have around holiday time and early in the new year. As we’ll see as this article progresses, the ingredients common to holiday or winter favorite foods and the positive mind-set common to the new year should become part of a year-round regimen for breast or any cancer prevention, improved overall immunity, and general health improvement. To begin, let’s…