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Building Your Network: In Person and Online

The Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce hosted the Inaugural Fort Bend County Women’s Initiative at Kelsey Seybold, Sugarland. The Fort Bend community welcomed the GHWCC, and looks forward to hosting many more events throughout the year. Irene Helsinger, Newport Board Group and Ann Cook, Kelsey Seybold co-chaired the exciting event, and Pam Vinje, Small Screen Producers, presented the educational and insightful program “Living in a Multi-Screen World.”

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Congratulations to the Siegel Team

For the second consecutive year, The Siegel Team was recently selected by The Houston Business Journal and NABCAP (National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices) as one of Houston’s Top Wealth Managers for 2013.

The primary focus of NABCAP is to serve the needs of the investing public by helping to identify top wealth managers. NABCAP is an unaffiliated, nonprofit organization based in Colorado with a presence in 35 U.S. markets. NABCAP attempts to identify top advisors regardless of a firm’s size or affiliation. The practices were selected for this list in a multi-step process intended to maintain integrity and objectivity. Each participating advisory practice is evaluated on the following 20 categories of practice management in no weighted order:

Financial planning

Technology and software

Investment planning




Practice management


Business Luncheon - August 2013

Last week, the best selling author, Ashley Merryman, spoke about gender differences in competitiveness along with speaking up and taking chances at the GHWCC Business Luncheon.

Texas A&M political science professor Sarah Fulton has found that female political candidates are equally as qualified, just as good at fundraising, and just as likely to be elected as their male counterparts. But still women make up only 18% of Congress. (As huge a disparity as that is – it's better than what you'd see in most boardrooms: women run only about 4% of venture-capital funded companies.)
The question is why? Some of it, according to Fulton, is due to the fact that ambitious men jump into elections because they want to. Ambitious women only run if they think they're going to win. Fulton's not the only researcher who has found this: study after study have found that, on average, women are much more concerned with the likelihood of winning than the men. Indeed, women are good at calc…

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Tech Tip: Capturing a screenshot is easy as 1-2-3

Need to quickly and easily capture a piece of information from a web page? Using Microsoft's Snipping Tool makes this task as easy as 1-2-3. 
To locate the Snipping Tool First, click on the start button.  Next, click on "all programs."  Then, click on "accessories."  Finally, click on "Snipping Tool." 

Snipping Tool Example  Now, you're on your way to "snip" some information. 
1. Just click on the drop-down options next to the "New" button. Select whether you need a rectangular snip, free-form snip or another. Then, snip the information of interest.
2. Once you've grabbed the information, you can use the highlighter or pen features to emphasize key points or add comments.
3. At last, the information can be saved or shared depending on your needs. To save the snippet, simply click on the "Save" button, name it, select a location, and click save. To email the information, click on the "Email" butto…
VISION Production Group Wins Top Awards from the American Marketing Association 

Houston, Texas (June 20, 2013) – VISION Production Group received top honors at the American Marketing Association’s 27th annual Crystal Awards, being named the overall “Judges’ Favorite” out of 254 finalists and also winning “Best Advertising TV Campaign” for the “It’s Island Time” broadcast campaign produced for the Galveston Island Convention and Visitors Bureau.
The “It’s Island Time” advertising campaign was designed to increase visitation to Galveston Island during the summer months while measurably increasing tourism dollars and brand awareness. The Galveston Convention and Visitors Bureau reported their best tourism season ever in 2012 after the campaign launch with island hotels generating more than $8.4 million in hotel occupancy tax revenue.

“Winning an AMA Crystal Award is a true honor because the award is based on results,” said Tracey Shappro, President and Executive Producer of VISION Pr…


2601 Westheimer at Kirby
Houston, TX 77098
www.tootsies.comTootsies is the go-to specialty retail store for a unique luxury shopping experience in Houston. Offering American and European designer collections, ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories, the 35,000-square-foot store is located in the heart of River Oaks, Houston’s oldest and most affluent residential neighborhood. Widely recognized as one of the country’s most elegant specialty retail stores, the staff is known for top-of-the-line service with an extremely loyal customer base that has returned to shop the designer collections time and again over the last 35 years.

The interior of Tootsies is sleek and modern with a dash of art deco evoking an ambiance of old Hollywood glamour. Its oversized fitting areas, private rooms, salons and a dining room make it a prime location for charity fundraisers, fashion shows and trunk shows by visiting designers from around the world.

Mickey Rosmarin, th…

The Parker Center Presents Business Dining Etiquette to UHD Students

The American Marketing Association at the University of Houston-Downtown (AMA UHD) held its fourth Annual Business Dining Etiquette Dinner at Birraporetti’s Italian Restaurant on April 11, 2013. The fundraiser attracted a record-setting crowd of 92 guests.

The event featured Tammy Davis, Ph.D. associate professor of business management, and Christi N. Parker, founder and president of The Parker Center. In addition to addressing table settings and manners, the presentation also covered the art of communication, how etiquette can help build important business relationships plus who pays the tab. To complete the evening, student models demonstrated appropriate dress in the business environment. “Today, hiring managers are conducting interviews at the dinner table,” says Parker. “Displaying confidence and knowing the rules can help the candidate focus on the purpose of the meal – getting the job.”

The UHD College of Business offers students a plethora of reality-based education…