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Moving Toward Better Nutrition
by Darra McMullen, Women’s Health Network Writer/Researcher
During the latter part of February, our article took a look at lifestyle and nutritional advice for improving cardiovascular health.That story was intended as a logical transition between the earlier February heart health article, and our March topic, which focuses solely on nutrition for overall improved health.Hopefully, regular readers of this blog have had a chance to catch both stories. Now that we’ve taken a peek at nutrition targeted for cardiovascular health during late February and early March, we’ll next focus on maximizing our nutritional intake for overall superior health and use the rest of March to investigate that topic. To begin our investigation, the following article will take a “bird’s eye view” of nutrition, looking at several different areas and making specific recommendations for each one.Then, check back with this blog around March 23, 2018 for some of the latest nutrition n…