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Cancer Prevention, Gratitude, Optimism, and Food: A Powerful Relationship

by Darra McMullen, Women’s Health Network Member, and GHWCC Writer/Researcher

What common thread(s) could possibly connect subjects as diverse as breast cancer (or any cancer) prevention, traditional winter foods, and attitudes of gratitude and optimism?The answer is “plenty” – plenty of “common thread” connections and plenty of healthful takeaway lessons for us all.
This article could easily be entitled, “Onward from October, Through the Holidays, and Beyond” because of the many dovetailed facts connecting breast cancer (or any cancer) prevention with holiday, or more generally, wintertime food favorites, and the positive mind-set we often have around holiday time and early in the new year. As we’ll see as this article progresses, the ingredients common to holiday or winter favorite foods and the positive mind-set common to the new year should become part of a year-round regimen for breast or any cancer prevention, improved overall immunity, and general health improvement. To begin, let’s…