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Learn Particulars About Eyes and Ears to Protect Sight and Hearing

by Darra McMullen, Women’s Health Network Writer/Researcher

Eye Health:

We’ll begin our look into eye and ear health by discussing five of the most common eye problems afflicting people. Conjunctivitis is a bacterial or viral infection of the eye.Conjunctivitis is caused by contact with contaminated objects, such as dirty hands or blowing dirt that settles in the eye.Antibiotic drops are usually quite effective.Doctors warn anyone suffering from the problem to wash his/her hands frequently to prevent infecting others or re-infecting oneself.Good hygiene is especially important when handling children, who may be particularly susceptible to contracting or spreading the disease. Secondly, hemorrhage of the eye is a frequently seen medical issue.Basically, the hemorrhage is a bruise of the eyeball, which despite its frightening appearance, will slowly heal on its own, just like any other bruise.With eye hemorrhages, the eye becomes extremely red and often scares patients badly, but outcomes …

Jump Into Spring with Nutritional News

By Darra McMullen, Women’s Health Network Writer/Researcher

Note to readers:Regular readers of this blog may have been looking for the following article around March 23rd. to 26th, the planned publication time. This writer apologizes for any inconvenience experienced. Sometimes, life’s challenges simply cause other things to run a little later than anticipated.No need to worry, though.The regularly scheduled April article focusing on eye and ear health will be published this month, appearing around April 13, to allow time for everyone to have a chance to read the final installment of the March topic on nutrition.Please enjoy that story below, now.

As we continue with our look into better nutritional habits, it’s time to examine some of the latest nutritional news that has appeared over the past few months in various journals or other media sources. Health news has, recently, covered the gamut of categories, which is a very good thing.The more potential health problems that can be helped …